About Marietjie

Your wedding day is the ONE day when it is truly all about you. No one else, just you. Every little girl dreams about this day and probably plans for it their entire life...whereas the men are probably looking forward to the honeymoon more than anything. It is over in the blink of an eye so we need to capture it perfectly.

For me as your photographer it is of the utmost importance to find out what it is that YOU want and expect, what type of feel and style of photos it is that you are after, listening to your ideas and getting an idea of who you are in order for me to find the best way of portraying your personality as a couple in the photos. I want your photos to be as unique as you are and to stand out from the rest.

With this said it has to be noted that I am just slightly obsessive and a bit perfectionistic - I am always after that perfect shot. I tend to let my obsessive nature show its face after the wedding when I am alone in front of the computer busy editing your photos. This process generally takes me many days! During the wedding I have learnt that it is very important for me to help you relax and  enjoy the experience. After all, the best photos are those taken of people who look and feel relaxed, which is often challenging seeing as your wedding day is one filled with emotions and you are often rushing from the one place to the next.

A bit about myself: I grew up in South Africa and have an avid love for photography and art. I've had the pleasure of taking wedding photos in South Africa, England, South Korea and Australia.