About Meek Studios

Meek Studios is a family owned business that has over 18 years experience going back two generations. We provide a wide range of photographic services, but specialise in Wedding Photography.

We are based in South East Queensland and are happy to service Australia wide. Several of our wedding shoots have also been abroad in England, South Africa & Korea.

Our photographers work to provide you with a wide range of photographic services:

Josh & Marietjie: (see J&M's facebook )
Weddings, portraits & scenic

Linde: (see Linde's blog)
Weddings, portraits & textured

Based out of:


Sunshine Coast

We also dabble a bit in commercial, landscape and photographic art canvas prints. For a bio page on each of our photographers or if you are interested in seeing a portfolio of our work please contact us by email.

We aimto provide a truly personalised experience for every client we undertake work for. Our promise to you is  to go the extra mile, and add that little something that makes all the difference.